North Devon Maritime Museum

Appledore is the proud home of the North Devon Maritime Museum. There is so much history to be found whilst walking round looking at the exhibits. The museum itself is house in Odun House, a Georgian Grade II listed building which has been the home of several ship owners and master mariners over the past 200 years!

We would like to thank the museum for taking the time to speak with us and provide such wonderful photos.
The museums logo as depicted on this jug.
The museum has a wonderful gift shop too, so you can buy a souvenir of your visit.

We caught up with Fiona from the museum to ask a few quick questions:

  • Who opened the museum & when?

The Museum opened to the public in June 1977. It was originally housed in three downstairs rooms of Odun House. The Museum was officially opened at 7pm on June 10th 1977 by the trustees and committee members.

  • Why do you think it's so important to have the museum?

I think its important to preserve and illustrate North Devon's unique seafaring heritage. As a Trust we we will continue to advance public education and establish a regional museum illustrative of the character and history of the area traditionally known as North Devon.

  • What's your favourite exhibit in the museum & why?

One of my favourites (and I know visitors agree) is the room which holds information on World War II. It has fascinating exhibits and information on top secret experiments that took place on the North Devon coastline prior to the D Day landings, which includes the Great Panjandrum, Swiss Ross, amphibious tanks and the Frogmen alongside medals from Keith Briggs a WWII frogman.

  • Who owns & runs the museum?

A Trust alongside committee members run the Museum. The Museum finally purchased Odun House with co-operation from Torridge District Council and it is run by a body of approx 70 marvelous volunteers.

  • What's the vision for the museum for the future?

To continue to preserve the North Devon Maritime Heritage and forward our collection. Provide a possible extension to house future exhibits. We would like to be able to update older exhibits and include more interactive exhibits too. We aim to continue with our outreach education programs and assisting researchers whilst archiving onto Modes all of the Museum's artifacts. We are keen to continue to produce relevant publications and extend our workforce to include younger volunteers.

As you can see, the trust and volunteers play a vital role in ensuring that the maritime history of Appledore and the North Devon coast is will documented and preserved, so why not pop in when you are in the village and have a look for yourself.

For more information regarding the museum you can visit their website directly: CLICK HERE