Chloes Olympic Dream


We are so excited to announce that one of our very own Pirates will be competing for Team GB in the Atlantic Challenge in Russia .

Chloe is one of our youngest Pirates and is always coming up with great ideas on how we can move forward as a charity. We are incredibly proud of her for this achievement and we will support her in any way we can.

Here's the 2020 team


Chloe is an Appledore born young lady too, which makes this all the more special for her, us and the village. She currently rows for Appledore Pilot Gig Club who are based in the village. If anyone is thinking of getting into rowing, then please do contact the club for more details!

Local news reporter TuckerTimes caught up with Chloe to interview her about this Olympic opportunity, here's what she had to say:

16th of May 2019

I was fortunate enough to speak to Chloe Beer who has only gone and got into Team GB for Russia 2020!! Chloe is based in Appledore and goes to Petroc where she is studying BTEC level 3 dance with an extended diploma. Chloe said that she has always enjoyed dance and would one day like to travel around on cruise ships displaying her skills for those on their holidays.

When asked why she chose to get into rowing she said that she has always enjoyed watching the rowing but when her granddad passed away she wanted to go something that would make him proud of her.

Chloe started rowing when she was 15 and has been rowing for 2 years now, she saw the chance to be part of the crew for the Atlantic challenge which involves rowing and sailing, she applied and got accepted.

Chloe says that rowing has been in her family for generations so she's ready for the challenge, she's not worried about the possible climate change in Russia as she said "I can put extra layers on". I asked what she was looking forward to most and she said "I’m looking forward to meeting a whole new crew, seeing everyone that comes from different backgrounds and what different techniques they have, I’m really excited for the races as it’s a mix of rowing and sailing which is something different"

I asked the hard question, if offered the chance to compete as an athlete would you be willing to relocate, Chloe rightly said that she would have to think of her education first but if possible she would go for it without a seconds hesitation.

From chatting to Chloe she seems a very grounded and smart young lady with a bright future, obviously I wish her and the rest of the team the best of luck.

The Atlantic Challenge is a mixture of events spread out over 7 days. The contest events include sailing, rowing, seamanship exercises, rope work and navigation.

Chloe has a Just Giving page as she needs to raise £2,000 to cover her expenses, so please support her in any way you can either by donation or becoming a sponsor. Details of her donation page can be found at: Chloe2020